North Karelia college Outokumpu

North Karelia College Outokumpu is one of the eight colleges of the North Karelia nunicipal education and training consortium. The college is located in Outokumpu, North Karelia, between the cities of Joensuu and Kuopio.

The college offers versatile education for both young people and adults. All vocational qualifications require three years of study and have the scope of 180 competence points.


Cultural sector

Cultural sector qualifications in Outokumpu are

  • Visual Artisan
  • Artisan - Crafts and design
  • Dancer

Technology sector

Media literacy – Media service provider
The Media literacy is divided into work life based vocational fields that are

  • Theater and Event Technology
  • Photography and Graphic Design
  • Game Development
  • Sound Production
  • Radio and TV production
  • 3D production

The Media literacy studies include the knowledge and skills of the chosen vocational field as well as the basic skills from different areas of communication. The basic knowledge of the field includes, depending on the vocational field, drama, visual expression, information technology, photography and photoshop, cultural studies, professional English and video technology. Information about entrepreneurship and copyright laws as well as other regulations and contracts in the field is also given.

Bachelor´s Degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering

Health and services sector
Vocational Qualification in Social and Health Care
Principal Jaana Timonen
Lammenkatu 18, 83500 OUTOKUMPU
Mobile 050 502 0345

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