North Karelia college Lieksa

Automation Assembler, Practical Nurse, Graduate of Commercial Institute, Paper Converter, Paper Process Operator, Builder, Institutional Catering


The North Karelian College, Lieksa is an average-sized, pleasant and secure learning centre. We endeavour to take into account students’ needs and aspirations.
Our student environment and accommodations are of a good standard and modern. We concentrate on a variety of students’ support services. Together with the FE , the Polytechnic’s Business and Education programme goes in conjunction with a graduation in Trade diploma.

We are working at 2 different addresses:

Business and Administration:
Kuhmonkatu 32

Tourism, Catering and Home Economics:
Kuhmonkatu 32

Social and Health:
Kuhmonkatu 32

Technology and Vehicle:
Rauhalantie 9

Education offerings

Business and administration sector
Tourism, catering and home economics sector
Social and health sector
Technology and vehicle sector
Specialised teaching

Principal Jari Jolkkonen
Kuhmonkatu 32, 81700 Lieksa
Mobile +358 500578490