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North Karelia Adult Education Centre

Creating success stories for working life

North Karelia Adult Education Centre is a provincial and versatile institution which specialises in adult education and development of working life. It organises adult education and competence-based qualifications in the fields of technology and welfare. Serving and developing working life is also a significant part of the operation.

Welfare sector

- Health and Social Care
- Food Industry
- Tourism and Catering
- Laboratory
- Cleaning and Domestic
- Guidance

​Technical sector

- Mining
- Machinery, Welding and Metalwork
- Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
- Rural Occupations
- Building and Construction, Electrical Engineering
- Information Technogy
- Safety and Security

Adult education today

Adult education is training for work and it is based on the vocational skills needed in the present and future working life. Learning new things is encouraging and inspiring.

Competence-based qualifications are an asset in the labour market

North Karelia Adult Education Centre provides competence-based qualifications in over 100 different vocational upper secondary qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist qualifications. Competence-based qualification is based on the needs of the working life. The world of work and business takes an active part in planning, organizing and evaluating competence-based qualifications.

Competence-based qualification is a flexible way to renew and maintain vocational skills.  A person who has obtained a competence-based qualification has good employability. A personalisation plan will be drawn up for each student. The plan covers all the details concerning the taking of the qualification and acquiring the necessary vocational skills.  Vocational skills are demonstrated in real life working situations regardless of whether the skills have been obtained through work experience, studies or other activities.

We develop and serve the working life of the region

North Karelia Adult Education Centre serves the working life by offering up-to-date and expert training and development services for the needs of the region. The services are designed in co-operation with the customer taking into account the customer’s needs.

- Skills surveys
- Personnel education
- Different licence, certification and passport training
- Development projects and services
- Tailored training for the work communities

Apprenticeship training

The apprenticeship training leads to vocational qualification, further vocational qualification or specialist vocational qualification. Combining theoretical studies with on-the-job training is suitable for independent and active students who appreciate the selfdirective nature of the studies.

The apprenticeship training is suitable for
- vocational further training for the personnel of companies
- recruitment of new employees
- enterprise extender education
- training of entrepreneurs 


Principal Osmo Maksimainen                          North Karelia Adult Education Centre
Kaislakatu 8 D                                                     Kaislakatu 8 D (P.O. Box 199)
80130 Joensuu                                                    FI-80101 Joensuu
Mobile +358 50 300 9064                                Finland